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Organizationally, the Titan Training Group has worked with organizations across North America cultivating leaders and designing programs that affect and influence the achievement levels of its senior management teams.  We work with our clients to develop long term, results oriented strategies to help bridge the gap between potential and performance.

Our training programs involve significant research and are developed primarily in-house, incorporating input from clients and experience with leaders, to ensure that each program is practical, usable and actionable within a business framework. Additionally, because the programs are the intellectual property of Titan Training, each is fully customizable to your organization and training can be provided to develop your own in-house facilitators and expertise.


Cindy Dachuk is well-known throughout North America as a Leadership Breakthrough Expert.  In this capacity she has worked with leaders from Startups to Fortune 500 Companies in becoming more successful in their communications and careers.

As the Author of It’s Time Now:  Choose the Life you Really Want and of her most recent book Stop This, Start That: 365 Ways to Success, Speaker, Coach and Trainer, her emphasis is always on helping others to create the skills and habits needed to take them to the next level.  Cindy’s career has spanned more than 3 decades, from Social Worker and Behaviour Modification Specialist, through Human Resources in large Multi-National firms to founding and operating her own Training organization.   Her programs on:  Developing Leadership Skills, Beyond Words: Body Language at Work, Understanding Style Differences, Leadership Presence, Bragging Rights, Personality Based Persuasion and others, have been offered in organizations such as: CIBC, Canadian Tire, Lindt & Sprungli Chocolatier, Rhodia Chemicals, Royal & Sun Alliance and CTV to name but a few.

As a Coach Cindy has worked with Businesses in developing their internal talent, Individuals in strengthening personal skills and Executives in heightening their Leadership presence. Past coaching initiatives have included:

  • University Leaders in heightening their projection of professionalism, credibility and capability
  • Working with young family members of a large Saudi family to assess and coach on developing and strengthening their talents and strengths
  • Employees of a small engineering firm experiencing workplace conflict
  • Hi-potential talent within a large retailer in developing their skills and promotional opportunities
  • Out-placed managers and leaders of organizations in strengthening their interviewing skills

Cindy is a dynamic and energetic speaker, leader, facilitator and coach who believes passionately in the ability of each individual to live a full, positive life of their choosing. When not on the road working with clients, Cindy divides her time between homes in Burlington and Haliburton, Ontario.

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