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Cindy_headshotThe Media Kit is designed to help company and organizational leaders “show and tell’ their audiences about Cindy.  The many images and narrative profiles provide a strong understanding of her presentation style, her engaging and powerful presence, as well as an understanding of her personality both on and off the stage.The information contained in the Media Kit offers her audiences perspective on the breadth and scope of her knowledge as a Leadership Breakthrough Expert…

Cindy offers her stylized programs as stand-alone presentations or can customize a presentation to a unique audience.

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Cindy Dachuk Bio


I believe that everyone is a leader – just not necessarily at all times or situations. But… that in coming to recognise our capacity to lead we begin to discover strengths within ourselves that might have otherwise gone untapped. It opens us to discovering many latent skills and abilities – helping us to add value, increases our competitive advantage and our marketability, not to mention our personal level of growth and satisfaction.


Cindy Dachuk is a well-known Leadership Breakthrough Expert. She has worked with leaders, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in becoming more successful in their communications and their careers. As the Founder of the Titan Training Group, author of  two books It’s Time Now: Choose the Life you Really Wan, and Stop This, Start that: 365 Ways to Success, and as a Speaker and Trainer, her emphasis is always on helping others to create the skills and habits needed to take them to the next level. Drawing upon those experiences, Cindy has created numerous cutting edge programs designed specifically to help you to Communicate and Lead more Purposefully, Powerfully and Passionately.

Speaker Introduction

The following is a suggested introduction that you can use to introduce Cindy at your next function…

Our next speaker has been helping leaders, from start-ups to Fortune 500 Organizations, to understand just what it takes to be successful in today’s world of work.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, she has leveraged her personal shift from shy, introvert to International Speaker and Trainer, into a highly successful organization focused on helping others make a similar transition.

Her programs on Beyond Words: Body Language at Work, Leadership Presence, Bragging Rights, Personality Based Persuasion and others have been instrumental in helping individuals raise their level of Leadership success and she is committed to helping you do the same.

Please help me welcome… Author, Speaker, Trainer and Entrepreneur… Cindy Dachuk


Dachuk – Pronounced ‘Day-Chuck’


“Cindy has partnered with our organization repeatedly over the years. Her pragmatic approach coupled with her ability to manage cultural sensitivities when developing programs and implementing change initiatives to deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of the business was an approach well suited to our organization. We look forward to partnering with her in the future.”

Erin G.
Director, Human Resources
Premium Confectionary Company

“An extremely engaging and energetic speaker. We had Cindy speak to our Toastmasters Group and all agreed that she provided insightful information in a very accessible and motivating way..”

Doug C.

“Well done, especially the 1:1 feedback.  When I shared it with my wife, she agreed with you 100%!“

Frank R.
Human Resources Leader

“I left our coaching session the other day rather quickly and never really said Thank You for all your help in getting beyond my barriers. You have definitely opened my eyes to some past issues that I thought I had put behind me but instead I just hid them away. I have taken your advice very seriously and will work on healing the past and moving on into the future. “

Chris G.
Retail Services

“BTW, this course (Executive Presence) absolutely changed my career path for the better. The self-awareness piece was invaluable! Feedback was very tough to swallow, but it did absolutely humble me and it was a huge turning point in my career.

To be honest, I was probably one of the least desirable managers, but after taking the course and applying what I learned, I am now one of the top CBMs in the company. I just wanted to say thank you.“

Joe A.
Category Business Manager

“Cindy, how you manage to figure out me and my brain in all of 5 minutes is beyond my comprehension. Your recommendation works like magic. I almost feel jealous with the conspiracy you have with my brain, without me being aware of it. I only wish I have your advice much earlier in my life.  Thank you! “

Maria M.

“I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all the great advices and insights you gave me during our short time together.   Your sessions were the most beneficial and inspirational moments in my career! 

After our talk, I finally realized that I needed to reclaim my power and my place in this world.  Thanks to you – I have gained back my confidence.“  

Louise H.








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